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Laurie Beth Jones
Path Elements Profile Test (The Four Elements)

Parenting Toolbox Resources
Parenting Toolbox Resources
Path Elements Profile: #1 Communication Validation Tool
The Path Elements Profile (PEP) will provide a fun and lasting way to connect with someone as together you explore how to understand each other in a new way, and thereby communicate at a whole new level! This web-based online communication tool takes only about 10 minutes each and when finished, you immediately receive a 13 page report that you can print out. Finally, a tool that you can use in any situation.
Laurie Beth Jones: Best Selling Author of Jesus CEO, The Path, Jesus Life Coach, and The Four Elements of Success
The Four Elements of Success (hardcover) The secret to team success is elemental. You depend on groups. You depend on the successful otucomes of teamwork. And the keys to productive relationships-whether in a billion-dollar organization or a family-are as basic as fire, water, wind and earth. In The Four Elements of Success, best selling business author Laurie Beth Jones unlocks this ageless wisdom and marries it with a modern personality theory. The result? Powerful new possibilities for collaboration,change, and success. Discover the four elements of success, and you'll also find the secrets for influence and leadership.
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The Four Elements of Success (paperback)
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