Parenting Workshop Services for Troubled Teens

Hope For Troubled Teens Treatment LogoWe have partnered with Hope4Teens in helping young people in need of Christian treatment. Parenting Workshop is the training curriculum for their house parents, life coaches, case managers and volunteers. They offer a 5 point spiritual treatment program that fosters heart transformation.  Because their treatment approach uses the heart transformation Troubled Teens Program page Picture model, they see the framework of character development, spiritual growth, addiction recorvery, social maturity and emotional healing evident within 30 days. 

Not only will your son or daughter be getting hands on help, but you as the parent have the option to purchase the Parenting Workshop Audios and/or sign up for your very own personal Life Coach! The whole family will benefit including your other children at home. Get prepared for a life changing experience with this heart transforming treatment program.
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Resources and Treatment For Troubled Teens in need of Boarding School or Christian Rehab
Teen Transport Services
Search & Rescue's Teen Transport Team assists and specializes in transporting ”troubled teens” or “at-risk” youth in the transitional period from home to boarding schools, bootcamps, Christian drug rehabs, or program to program. Our licensed and ordained chaplains offer one of the most successful and complete Adolescent transport Intervention and Teen Crisis Prevention programs for Christian families with troubled loved ones.  Our Juvenile Transport Services are second to none!

We provide a flat rate for transportation anywhere in the continental United States. This provides you with up to 2 Agents, meals and snacks, car rentals, fuel, tolls and any other incidentals for your child. We are highly experienced in booking the lowest airline fares that can match our time table goals, saving you the most money possible. Other costs shall not be incurred without full knowledge and agreement of the parents.
Phase I Programs for Teen in Need of Intervention Now